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Bianca Lipanská


Professional translation,
conference interpreting
and training with a smile

German, Czech, English

I’m here to help you communicate across borders.

Hi there, I’m Bianca Lipanská.

I’m a certified German conference interpreter and translator with offices in Prague and Dresden.

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I’m a language lover, so whilst I mainly work in German, Czech and English I also understand and speak Slovak and French. I grew up in Hamburg, Germany, but my parents are originally from Prague, so I always knew that languages would shape my professional career. Having studied in Germany and the Czech Republic and discovered a love for interpreting, I studied translation and conference interpreting at the University of Leipzig, with additional courses in law and political science. I then went on to study a postgraduate degree in conference interpreting at the Charles University in Prague.

I’ve been working as a freelance German interpreter and translator throughout Germany, the Czech Republic and Europe since 2008.

Alongside my work as an interpreter and translator, I also work as a lecturer, teaching budding students the art of conference interpretation and as a consultant interpreter.

When I’m not translating, interpreting or teaching, you’ll probably find me enjoying the incredible cafes, culture and architecture here in Prague. I also enjoy skiing and hiking and have always been an avid traveller, spending extended periods living abroad in London, the US and France, to name just a few.

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Just as I believe in the importance of continuous professional development (CPD), I love learning new things outside of work, and am currently trying my hand at piano playing and dancing.

A few key things you should know about me:

As a member of the following professional organizations for interpreters and translators I adhere to undertake to their principles:

I gave my voice for…

Head of the Moravian Library, Tomáš Kubíček. Consecutive interpreting Czech-German. Press trip with journalists from Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

If you’d like more details about my educational and professional background, just fill in my contact form to request a copy of my CV.

Conference interpreting services

During COVID-19 times alternative ways of providing interpretation are on the market. We are ready to help!

English < > German
Czech < > German

I’ve been offering freelance conference interpreting services since 2008, both in Prague and elsewhere throughout the Czech Republic, Germany and Europe. As a native speaker of German with a strong command of Czech and English, I provide quality you can rely on.

In 2010, I was publicly appointed as a sworn translator and interpreter by the President of the Higher Regional Court in Dresden.

As a CONSULTANT INTERPRETER I organise teams of interpreters for larger events as well as the technical equipment needed and I facilitate the contact between you, the audience and the other interpreters and offer tailor-made packages for your event.

I offer:


Simultaneous interpreting

Simultaneous interpreting Czech-German at a discussion on the Weimar constiution in Ostrava, CZ. Guests: Petra Ernstberger (Czech-German Future Fund), Daniel Kroupa (former dissident and politician), Josef Baxa (judge at the Supreme Administrative Court of the Czech Republic) 2019 Radoslav Procházka (Slovak politician), Tomáš Němeček (lawyer and journalist)

Whispered interpreting (Chuchotage)

An event organized by Friedrich-Ebert Stiftung in Prague, consecutive interpreting Czech-German.

Consecutive Interpreting

Meeting of Czech and German writers in Lidice, 2012. Simultaneous and consecutive interpreting Czech and German- Prager Literaturhaus deutschsprachiger Autoren.

Liaison interpreting


Remote Simultaneous Interpreting (RSI)

Please feel free to contact me with requests on remote interpreting. I can inform you about the different platforms, hubs and privacy policies.

I work with…

The kind of events I usually work at as a German conference interpreter include conferences, meetings, seminars, festivals, workshops, discussions, lectures and film/radio productions, amongst others.

I enjoy working on a one-to-one basis with clients, but I also often create and lead teams of interpreters.

Organisations often rely on me to put together teams that include specialists in other language combinations for multilingual events and organize the technology required.

I can put together a full team of interpreters tailored to your needs.

I offer all the ease of working with an agency, but the direct, friendly relationship which is always the benefit of working with an independent freelancer.

Regular clients of mine include:

I also help:

In need of a reliable conference interpreter?

Certified German translation services

English > German
Czech > German

I offer certified translation services in Prague, and to clients all over the world.

Unlike conference interpreting, which I do from English and Czech to German and vice versa, I only ever translate written documents into my native German.

I deliver high-quality, reliable, specialist translations of documents in the following subject areas:

With my in-depth knowledge of my subject areas and attention to detail, you’ll be able to rest assured that your document is in totally safe hands.


Conference interpreting training

English < > German
Czech < > German

Since 2011, I’ve been sharing my knowledge of the art of simultaneous and consecutive interpreting and my love of the German language through teaching and lecturing at various institutes and universities.

With experience lecturing at the Goethe-Institut in Prague, the Charles University in Prague and the Johannes-Gutenberg University in Mainz as well as Masaryk-University in Brno I offer classes on the following topics:

I’m always open to new opportunities to establish links with other educational institutions.

I also offer private, one-to-one courses to individual clients looking to improve their interpreting or German language skills.


“I got to know and appreciate Bianca Lipanska through our cooperation with the German-language authors at the Literaturhaus in Prague. From her first round of interpreting on, I was impressed by the way she supported the literary events with her sensitivity for linguistic nuance. With her competent simultaneous interpreting, at the Lidice memorial she made it possible for a group made up of four Czech and four German-language authors to be able to get into a lively debate over their shared history. Since then, she has supported us in Prague and Sulzbach-Rosenberg at numerous bilingual readings and discussion events. A German-Czech exchange of this intensity would hardly be possible without expert interpreters like Bianca Lipanska.”

Patricia Preuß
Literaturarchiv Sulzbach-Rosenberg

“Bianca Lipanska is reliable, precise, and has the right mindset about her work. And of course she’s a very good translator and interpreter.”

Thomas Oellermann
Friedrich Ebert Foundation, Prague

“Bianca Lipanská doesn’t just translate, she is able to communicate the enthusiasm of the speaker and the participants through the translation. This is a true reflection of what is told and in that way, a key moment for reciprocal understanding and comprehension in international encounters. In addition, her positive attitude and youthful vigor create a wonderful group atmosphere.”

Gertrud Gandenberger
Internationales Forum Burg Liebenzell e.V. Akademie der politischen Bildung und internationalen Jugendbegegnung

“Ms. Lipaská accompanied us as an interpreter on our student excursion to institutions for social services in Prague and Litvinov. Her sensitivity for the situations and her delightful support of the conversations greatly enriched our excursion and the exchange with our conversation partners. Thanks to her concentrated and precise translations, the lectures, diverse conversations, and discussions in the greatest variety of groups were led with a high degree of professionalism and energy. “

Katja Tobias
Brüsseler Kreis e.V. Geschäftsführung

Ms. Lipanská was distinguished by her high level of professionalism, special commitment, excellent language skills and great friendliness. We were very satisfied with her interpreting services and would always love to work with Ms. Lipanská again.

Jasmin Schilling
EU coordinator / urban partnerships, Suhl/Germany.

Dear Bianca,

Now the Wechselstrom-tour came to an end.. We had an exciting time with authors and their literary works from Central and Eastern Europe and received a lot of positive feedback about the events in Freiburg, Basel, Vienna, Leipzig, Göttingen and Berlin. With this letter we would like to thank you warmly for your contribution to the success of the project in general and for the beautiful evening in Leipzig in particular. We hope for a fruitful cooperation in the future and wish you all the best for your professional development.

Katarina Tojic
Literaturbüro Freiburg e.V.

We were very pleased to have Ms Lipanská with us as a conference interpreter, she will be an asset to every team and client and has our highest recommendation.

Ms Joelle Meunier
Vice-President European Civic Forum/Europäisches Bürgerforum

“I have already worked successfully with Bianca Lipanská on several projects and events. Her translations are consistently of very high quality and her interpreting services are always very nuanced and precise and an asset to our events.”

Lisa Schäfer
Project Manager, Adelphi, Berlin

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Thank you,

Bianca Lipanská